Students — Welcome to InterVisual, where global talent connects

For employers, InterVisual offers an interactive interviewing tool enabling them to view your InterVisual short recorded interviews anywhere in the world.

For potential applicants, InterVisual offers you a more immediate and visual opportunity to showcase your talents and to potentially receive feedback on interviewing skills.

The process is simple and can be completed in a few short steps.

The steps

  1. Learn about the benefits InterVisual can bring you and watch the demo video to gain an overview of how it all works.
  2. Register your details and create a user name and password. You are given an opportunity at this point to choose from a list of subject categories that will determine the interview questions you will be asked. Once you submit your details, you will be sent an activation e-mail.
  3. Practise by answering a sample interview question. This will allow you to check that your webcam is recording correctly, you are correctly positioned on the screen and that the volume of your recording is appropriate. The maximum time allowed for each video will be 2 mins and a screen prompt will remind you of how much time is left. You will also be given a series of tips about your recording.
  4. Record your answers to 3 interview questions. For each question you will be able to record, review, delete or accept and once you have accepted 3 questions you will be allowed to submit your video clips for feedback and possible viewing by employers. The videos will only be uploaded once they have been checked for you by Careers staff. If you need to work on your answers to meet employer requirements, you will receive appropriate feedback.
  5. View feedback from employers.
  6. Manage your profile. You will be able to view your video recordings change contact details, change question category choices. You can also view employer feedback and the number of viewings by employers.